Product Sourcing

Global Trading and Sourcing helps customers save time and money through product sourcing and spend management. GTS understands that each client has a specific procurement process and through strategic sourcing, we are able to deliver cost-effective procurement services.

GTS provides product sourcing for hundreds of clients on a global scale. We have the ability to work with your in-house procurement systems, in order to provide our value-added sourcing and deliver savings directly to your bottom line.

GTS Capabilities

  • Manage Procurement Costs
  • Improve Productivity and Performance
  • Offsite Procurement Team
  • Fast Response
  • Just-in-time delivery System
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Global Product Sourcing

Our capabilities, as a supply chain resource, allow us to apply procurement services to every industry that requires product sourcing. 

As your procurement partner, GTS is able to support all of your sourcing needs. Our highly trained staff is able to deliver prompt, effective, documented feedback that ensures products are delivered on-time and on-budget. Using GTS as your supply chain partner ensures a higher ROI and faster response time.